To access student notes from home.


2. In the "User name" box enter the domain name "student" followed by a back slash and your network logon user name (your network logonon username is your student ID number preceeded by the letter M). i.e. if your network logon username is M1234567 then enter Student\M1234567 in the User name box.

3. In the "Password" box enter your network logon password i.e. the password that you use to logon onto the computers in the MIC labs.

4. Click "OK," the following page will appear:

5. Click on the relevant link to open the lecturer folder you wish to access, the folder will open displaying any subfolders and files contained within it, to save/download a file double-click on the file name, you will be prompted with the following dialogue box:

6. Click "Save" to save a copy of the file to your own computer or disc.

These instructions are also on page 113 of your MISU student diary.